Liam Bray (439) tragically died in a car accident in May 2000. This page was set up at the suggestion of Mike Dixon and family, who wrote a tribute to Liam and sent us a picture. You are very welcome to e-mail us your own tributes and pictures for inclusion on this page.

From Mike Jnr (226) and Mike Snr (227) Dixon and family:
With a large group of friends (the Exemoor Rollers), Liam was a popular, well liked man, always willing to help. He got me started in banger racing and often popped round to my home to offer advice and to see how well we were progressing. This photo captures Liam's character; he was just on his way past and stopped to see if he could help us sort out a problem on our car. We only knew Liam a short while, but we will miss him a lot, as I am sure the club will too. Cheers Liam!

From Gavin (35), Amanda, Andy and Alisha:
To our friend Liam: We will remember you always, both on the banger track and off you were a wonderful person to know.

From Chris Duke (378) and Rose Harwood:
Just a few words about our mate: he was great fun on and off the banger track. Sometimes you turn around to find him to fix a wheel and he is not there but we wish he was at times. And I know we will all miss him when we have the two day meeting.

From Andrew, Linda and Ian Mills (Exemoor Farm):
We miss the way he was always ready to help and miss not having him with us even more. But we know he's not alone, because knowing the way he loved the sport, he is up there somewhere racing with the Angels. He will always be Number 1 to us.

From The Mills Family, Exemoor Farm, Week St Mary:
No Banging, Clanging, Grinding or Welding and the sound of your finely tuned engine. Memories of you are with us always, but especially on this day - 21st May, 2001.

From Lorraine and Danny (430) of the Exemoor Rollers:
What can you say about Liam? You couldn't find a more friendly, helpful person. I think one of the most memorable things I can recall is fancy dress at Penstowe, if there was fancy dress, we were there. This is a sad time for all of us, 1 year and our little "Tyre Fairy" is still the main topic of conversation. We remember the good times, it's still hard, because he was such a wonderful person. But one thing, we feel privileged to have known him, how could we forget someone that made such a difference to our lives. He will forever be in our thoughts.

From Nippy Norm (201) and Sammie (Nippy's daughter):
I was in the car with Liam when he had the accident. The night before we were down the pub. I said to someone there that "if me and Liam got any closer we will be sleeping together". Liam laughed and agreed. The day before the accident we spent the day together doing our bangers which we both enjoyed. It hasn't been the same since Liam's death, we were the very best of friends. He is sadly missed by me and my 9 year old daughter Sammie. Liam thought the world of Sammie. He was a really great friend. We both miss him and love him loads.

From Rose and Chris (378):
Just a few words to say as it is coming up to the two day meeting which most of us will miss our dear friend Liam, and how he always cheered us up what ever has happened.

From Nippy Norm (201):
We still love and miss u very much. U r still in our thoughts. Ems has cum 2 live wif me and sam now u wud of got on wif her well. Shes a cheeky bitch. We still talk about u. I still think bout u mate, sumtimes i want a real friend 2 talk 2 and ur not here. I still look at ur foto and ask WHY? u were my best mate. I still love u mate. love nippy norm 201.

From Lorraine and Danny:
It's 5 years this Saturday that Liam was taken from us. We don't see so much of each other now, as we have all taken separate paths in our lives, but we all still come together on the anniversary of his death and his birthday, to remember our special friend, always in the same place!! The Globe in Bude, last year we took over half of the pub! Normally Liam's Mother (unable to make this year) brother and Father join us. We have not forgotten Liam, I don't think we ever will, he is too special.

From Mick Bray:
Just returned from Bude and thought I would like to say thank you to everyone I met in the Globe. It's now 6 years since the accident, it is great to see so many people still remember Liam. Thank you all and I wish you all the best for the future. I will be down again in July and hope to see some of you again then.